Flat Membranes

Achieve a delicate neutral finish with our Matte membranes which will improve the look of any home with a minimalist approach

Matte stretch ceilings in appearance resemble plastered ceilings. Matte membranes have a micro texture on it, which makes it look like perfectly painted drywall. Matte stretch ceilings fit well into any interior solution, making it easy to choose a ceiling to any interior that does not distract attention from it.

Glossy Membranes

A light reflecting membrane/surface

This membrane visually expands and enlarges the space with plenty of light. Perfect for any home, ideal for the modern space that is looking for that extra “wow” factor! The reflective PVC material expands the room like a mirror, pushes the walls, and lifts the ceiling.

Printed Membranes

Our printed membranes allow complete customizable styles to make your vision come to life

Digitally printed stretch ceilings turn any room of your home or business into a work of designer art. The possibilities are endless—giving you the option of enhancing your ceiling with reproductions of famous artists’ masterwork, or your own art or photographs using modern digital printing techniques on a stretch fabric ceiling installation. State of the art large format equipment provides high resolution imagery.

Translucent Membranes

Translucent membranes have the ability to transmit light by itself and its surface

Allowing light sources with variable coloring to be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling and to achieve a change in the color of the ceiling. This look presents a sharp focus that only luminescence can achieve.

Acoustic Membranes

Acoustic perforated membranes contain sub-millimetre sized holes, and have been used in noise control for decades as an alternative to conventional porous materials. Able to absorb noise from a room. It is particularly useful in big lecture halls, as well as in private apartments – especially in bedrooms.

DUO Membranes

Duo stretch ceilings

A perforated ceiling structure is always a combination of two sheets. One sheet is used as a bottom, or a background, sheet whereas the other one is cut artistically. Both sheets are installed at a short distance from each other or very close to each other creating an interesting visual effect.

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